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Schedule of Class Times and Locations

See the Aikido Sangenkai Google Calendar for current class times and locations (click here for the iCal version). Click on individual events for more details and links to location maps.

Classes at the Aikido Sangenkai are small and informal, but the material covered is of great depth and quite difficult. Beginners and visitors are welcome at any time. However, before coming to the Aikido Sangenkai you should be aware that training with our group is quite different than training at most conventional modern Aikido dojo. We recommend that you visit a number of the local dojo so that you have a basis for comparison.

Training at the Aikido Sangenkai is principle based, not focused on repitition of technique or structured Kata. The focus of our training is upon rewiring the mind and body through focused intent in order to develop a non-conventional method of movement that carries itself and responds to outside forces differently, and disrupts and destabiizes the opponent in a manner that creates non-resistance.

It is the forging of this link between mind and body through intent that gives access to the possibilities for personal and societal development envisioned by Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba.

Training progresses from solo stationary training to slow movement drills to paired stress training and management of force under stress culminating in free martial movement - Take Musu Aiki, which the Founder of Aikido stated was the highest goal of his art.

Dress is casual (loose comfortable clothing) for most sessions, Keiko-gi (conventional training uniforms) are also available locally at KC Martial Arts or Hawaii Martial Arts Supply.


There are no fees for training, either for regular students or for visitors, who are always welcome (*Wednesday classes require a donation to Windward Aikido Club, also a non-profit organization).

We accept donations to help defray rent and other expenses, nobody receives remuneration.

Pay more, pay less, pay nothing at all, drop by once a month and toss a few dollars in or train every class and pay nothing - all on the honor system, no questions asked. We rely on your good nature.

See the Aikido Sangenkai Links page for online donation options.


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