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This is the gallery for the Aikido Sangenkai dojo in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu - www.aikidosangenkai.org The Aikido Sangenkai is a non-profit Aikido group affiliated with the Aikikai Foundation in Tokyo, Japan.

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Kami Shirataki Shrine

kami-shirataki-contributors.png ThumbnailsKami Shirataki ShrineThumbnailsKami Shirataki ShrineThumbnailsKami Shirataki ShrineThumbnailsKami Shirataki Shrine

Names of contributors to the construction of the Kami-Shirataki Shrine (1913). Note the name "Morihei Ueshiba". 

It's not that clear from the picture, but all of the other names have place names in addition to the person's name. In addition, there are no contributions from Shirataki or Kami-Shirataki. It appears that this is because Morihei Ueshiba was acting as representative for those two districts.